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Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers
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Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers

In addition to remanufacturing services for your vacuum circuit breakers and replacement parts, Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair has an extensive stock of unused and reconditioned vacuum circuit breakers for immediate delivery. Combining our life extension services and large inventory of vacuum circuit breakers, poles and assemblies, we can supply replacements and matching line addons for your expansion needs.

In the event you have an interrupter failure, we have a complete line of replacement vacuum interrupters. CBS Maxi-Vac stocks replacement vacuum interrupters for all U.S. manufactured vacuum breakers. We also offer retrofit and retrofill services to extend the life of your obsolete breakers.

We stock and service the following manufacturers' products:

  • General Electric vacuum circuit breakers : VB PowerVac
  • Westinghouse - Cutler-Hammer vacuum circuit breakers : VCP - VCPW
  • Siemens - Allis Chalmers vacuum circuit breakers : FCV - FSV - MSV - 3AF - 6MI
  • ABB - BBC - Gould - ITE vacuum circuit breakers : VHK - VHR - VHX
  • Square D vacuum circuit breakers : How Yin VAD1, VAD2, VAD3, VR
  • CBS Power Products vacuum circuit breakers : CBS Maxi-Vac

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Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker Sales

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