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Repair & Life Extension Services for Switchgear
Extend the life of your old, obsolete, hard to maintain switchgear


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Switchgear Repair & Life Extension Services

Our repair and life-extension programs will extend the useful life of your obsolete, hard-to-maintain switchgear, including raising interrupting capacity, increasing equipment reliability, matching your existing switchgear lineup, providing solid-state trip units, and offering retrofit and retrofill solutions.

Our capabilities include:

  • Upgrade your low-voltage circuit breakers by retrofitting them with a solid-state trip unit.
  • Upgrade low-voltage circuit breakers with vacuum interrupters to increase life in motor-starting applications.
  • Replace your obsolete medium-voltage breaker and drawout cell assembly by installing our retrofill modules that will provide you with a new breaker and cell.
  • Upgrade your obsolete medium-voltage circuit breakers with vacuum interrupters.
  • We can provide a matching switchgear lineup to add feeders to an obsolete 500 image

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