CBS Nuclear Services, Inc., is pleased to announce the opening of our new dedicated nuclear safety–related circuit breaker shop. Located in Matthews, NC, the 5,000-square-foot facility includes a fivetable breaker workshop, a parts cleaning and inspection room, fire-safe file storage, a locked Class 1E parts storage room, office space, and a conference center for audit teams.

After CBS Nuclear Services achieved the ability to provide commercial-grade, dedicated Class 1E parts in 2018, its safety-related workload increased dramatically. According to quality assurance manager Curt Culver, expanding to a separate facility became a necessity. “Being able to isolate our 1E projects from our non-nuclear-related projects is a big step for our quality assurance program,” said Culver. “This new facility also accommodates the needs of the longer turnaround times required for Class 1E electrical equipment.”

CBS Nuclear Service’s quality assurance program complies with 10 CFR 50 Appendix B requirements for servicing Class 1E nuclear-qualified electrical equipment. The requirements are more stringent than those in non-nuclear environments; every single part down to each individual screw has to be nuclear certified.