Replacement Vacuum Interrupters

CBS Replacement Vacuum Interrupters

Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair supplies replacement vacuum interrupters, vacuum interrupter assemblies and vacuum interrupter pole assemblies for any medium voltage power circuit breaker on the market.

  • 2400 V – 38k V up to 3000 A
  • Compact design
  • Available as kits
  • Exchange pole assembly program
  • Individual interrupters or complete pole assemblies
  • Complete ANSI testing
  • In stock for immediate delivery

Thanks to Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair’s affiliation with the Group CBS network of electrical equipment suppliers, we have access to hard to find vacuum interrupters and parts, and can reverse engineer replacement parts as necessary using modern technology.

While many categories of electrical equipment were manufactured to more rugged standards in the past than they are today, material science and manufacturing technologies mean that today’s vacuum interrupter are far superior to older models. We don’t use older, unreliable pinch tube and solder designs. Our replacement vacuum interrupters are compact, offer increased interrupting capacity and current carrying capabilities, and will last longer than the original interrupter.

Let us upgrade your circuit protection and motor control systems through vacuum interrupter retrofits to extend the life of your critical equipment.

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