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CBS Renewal and Replacement Parts For
Virtually All LV & MV Electrical Equipment
Circuit Breakers - Motor Control - Switchgear


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Renewal and Replacement Parts

Electrical Component Replacement PartsWe stock tens-of-thousands of renewal and replacement parts for insulated case circuit breakers, motor control, panelboards, switchboards, bolted pressure switches and other power distribution equipment.

As a Group CBS affiliate, we have immediate access to millions of replacement and repair parts for all types of electrical equipment and gear.

  • Motor control components including contactors, starters, buckets, pilot devices, & more
  • Circuit Breaker Parts for molded case circuit breakers and insulated case circuit breakers.
  • Switchboard Parts
  • Panelboard parts

Renewal and Replacement Parts Circuit Breakers and Switchgear - Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair

Please contact us with any request for renewal parts or Renewal Parts Guides to assist you.

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