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CBS Maxi-Vac Vacuum Circuit Breakers
Small size makes them ideal
for replacing older circuit breakers


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CBS Maxi-Vac Vacuum Circuit Breakers

CBS Maxi-Vac Retrofill for Low and Medium Voltage Circuit BreakersThe unusually small size of CBS Maxi-Vac vacuum circuit breakers makes them ideal for retrofit, retrofill and life extension projects.

These modern, quality products feature:

  • Vacuum Interrupters
  • Compact Design
  • Ideal for Retrofit or Retrofill
  • 2400V - 38kV At 3000A
  • ANSI & UL Certification Available
  • Stationary or Drawout
  • Outdoor Available
  • In Stock for Immediate Delivery

Be sure to check out our replacement vacuum interrupters and our retrofit and retrofill services utilizing vacuum technology for obsolete medium voltage circuit breakers.

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