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Replace Motor Starting Circuit Breaker
with Vacuum Contactor


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Replace Motor Starting Breaker with Vacuum Contactor

CBS Maxi-Vac Retrofill for Low and Medium Voltage Circuit BreakersIf you're using a low voltage air circuit breaker in a motor starting application, you're over-stressing it.  Replace the breaker with a vacuum contactor that is designed to retrofill your existing motor control structure.

Our retrofill - replacement vacuum contactor solution includes:

  • New insulated case circuit breaker
  • New circuit breaker cradle - drawout cell assembly
  • Custom-designed connection between the cradle and the line and load side bus of your switchgear and electrical equipment
  • Work performed by skilled technicians to oversee the complete retrofill
  • 18 month warranty

To extend the life of your existing equipment with our low voltage circuit breaker retrofill solution, Contact Us to discuss your application or to request a proposal.

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