Medium-Voltage Circuit Breakers

Repair and Life Extension Services for Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

As circuit breaker repair experts, we have all the assets required to professionally, and economically, repair all makes and types of medium voltage circuit breakers: experienced engineers, skilled technicians, modern test equipment and instrumentation, a modern shop, and tens-of-thousands of replacement parts.

But if you really want to extend the life of your obsolete circuit breakers, let us use the new technology that’s available together with our retrofit and retrofill life extension programs. It’s extremely cost effective and can be done quickly.


Obsolete medium-voltage air circuit breakers can fail to perform as required due to several problems: paper insulation, asbestos, large operating mechanisms, heavy weight, contact erosion, and among others.

Our vacuum interrupter retrofit solutions solve these problems by retrofitting your aging circuit breaker with vacuum interrupters or by replacing it with an ANSI-approved vacuum circuit breaker in the same truck assembly at a fraction of the cost of replacing your gear with new models. These are direct replacements that don’t require modifying your existing gear.


Let us design and install a retrofill module to replace that obsolete medium voltage breaker and drawout cell assembly, including new solid-state relays for two-thirds the cost of a new switchgear with minimal leadtime.

Upgrade Your Breaker With Our Vacuum Interrupter Retrofit Program

Replacing your obsolete medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers with our new replacement vacuum interrupters that meet all ANSI and IEC standards will extend the life of your obsolete vacuum circuit breakers.

Vacuum Interupter Life Prediction Testing Service

Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair is proud to be among the first to offer Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) field and shop testing services to its customers for quantifying the remaining life of vacuum interrupters used in medium-voltage circuit protection devices.

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