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Repair & Life Extension for Motor Controls
Extend the life of your old, obsolete, hard to maintain motor controls


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Motor Control Repair, Upgrade & Life Extension Services

Low & Medium Voltage Motor Control Upgrades

Let Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair make your low- and medium-voltage motor controls operate better than new for less with an upgrade and life extension solution.

Low Voltage Motor Control

Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair can retrofit your low-voltage motor control buckets modern solid state overload protective devices and new components, while large units can be vacuum retrofitted to extend their life and improve overall performance.

Medium-Voltage Motor Control

With a vacuum interrupter upgrade or retrofit, allow us to upgrade your medium-voltage motor control cells, including new structure and contactor. With an additional GE MultiLin motor relay, Circuit Breaker Sales & Repair will provide you with a new system for much less than a new motor control center.

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Medium Voltage Motor Control Life Extension

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